Your Rights

If a partner or ex-partner is abusing or harassing you and/or your children, it is possible to use to the law to protect yourself. It is useful to have as much evidence as possible about what your partner/ex-partner has done to you.  This can be text messages received, any call to the police that will have been recorded, anyone else who has witnessed the abuse, medical notes taken by your doctor and/or dentist.  There are three main types of legal action you can take:

  • exclusion order
  • interdicts
  • non-harassment order

We can help you to arrange to visit a solicitor who is experience in family law and we can accompany you to appointments.

We can help you find out what are your rights to staying in your own home, leaving the marital home due to the abuse and moving to temporary accommodation.

We can help you to find out what benefits are available to help support you and any children.


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