Cumbernauld and District Women’s Aid are LGBT inclusive and we support all self-identifying women experiencing domestic abuse in lesbian or heterosexual relationships.  We know it can be hard to reach out for help, but we can offer you emotional and practical support.

Domestic Abuse within non-heterosexual relationships might be experienced in similar ways to heterosexual relationships, with the abusive partner using different tactics to try and gain power and control.  This can make it incredibly difficult for the victim-survivor to ask for help or talk about their experiences with their usual support network.

We can be contacted on 01236 730992 or email info@nlwaid.com.

Other helplines numbers and websites are:

FearFree:  a domestic abuse service that specialises in working with people in LGBT relationships.  Tel:  0131 624 7266.
Website:  www.fearfree.scot

LGBT Youth Scotland:  supporting young people aged between 13-25 across Scotland. Tel:  0131-555 3940.
Website:  www.lgbtyouth.org.uk

LGBT Helpline Scotland:     a national helpline providing information and emotional support to LGBT people, their families, friends and supporters.  Provides support to LGBT people who have experienced domestic abuse.     Tel:  0300 123 2523 (Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays (12 noon to 9pm).
Website:  https://www.lgbthealth.org.uk/services-support/helpline

Stonewall:   Information and support for LGBT communities and their allies.
Website: www.stonewallscotland.org.uk

National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline:  Emotional and practical support for LGBT people experiencing Domestic Abuse. Tel:  0800 999 5428.
Website:  www.galop.org.uk

Rape Crisis Scotland:    Provides crisis support for anyone in Scotland affected by sexual violence at any time in their lives. Tel:  08088 010302 (open from 6pm to midnight).
Website:  www.rapecrisisscotland.org.uk